This is Punjit Renjen’s, Chief Executive of Deloitte Global, new year missive. And I thought working for the council was bad.

Let’s swap resolutions: Living our purpose #12


We have said “Hello, 2016!” and now it is time for resolutions. One of my resolutions is to join with member firm leadership to deliver an exceptional, and consistent, global talent experience across the Deloitte network.

This promise is articulated through four key pillars: 1) to help you make an impact, 2) inspire you as professionals, 3) accelerate your ambitions, and 4) connect and celebrate your unique strengths (more on these pillars soon).

To deliver on this promise, Deloitte will invest to set expectations and help develop consistent capabilities within each role level. So no matter where you practice, you have the same exceptional skills as your peers.

In return, I ask that you resolve to live Deloitte’s purpose and join our journey to undisputed leadership.

At the World Meeting this past June, participants signed the Deloitte Journey Declaration attesting we would take this journey – together. Since then, I have traveled the world and asked partners and directors to join the journey (over 7,400 of them have already signed). Now it is time for all Deloitte professionals (you) to declare the same commitment, because it will take all of us to achieve our global aspiration!

These resolutions spring from the foundation of what it means to be Deloitte. We will take this journey so that we can proudly declare we have kept our promises to ourselves, to each other, and to all those we serve.

My best, Punit

P.S. My New Year’s resolutions include approaching my role with a mindset that “anything positive is possible in our organization” and achieving a bit more work/life balance.


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